Monthly Webinars

Monthly online professional learning offering professional development credit and certificates of participation. A $588 value! FREE for NAEA members; $49 each for non-members. 

Upcoming Live Webinars

Fiber Arts for All
[August 7, 2024 | 7pm ET] Join us for an exciting webinar that weaves traditional craftsmanship with contemporary creativity in fiber arts. We’ll explore innovative approaches for introducing new fiber arts projects to elementary, middle, and high school learners that are focused on accessible materials, diverse contemporary and traditional craft artists, and literacy. Come away with lesson inspiration; a better understanding of how you can explore fiber arts in your classroom; and information on where to find materials, recommended equipment, and tools, as well as overcoming budget constraints for fiber arts, storage options, and so much more!
Radical and Transformative Collaboration (and Fun!) Through Social Impact Video Game Design
[September 11, 2024 | 7pm ET] Unlock the power of video games as catalysts for social justice and transformative education! Join us for this thought-provoking webinar and explore the intersection of gaming, social justice, and education. Learn how video games can be harnessed to inspire critical thinking, empathy, and positive social change. Dig into what makes games intriguing and engaging for learners and see through an educator’s lens how we can use these key ideas for success in an arts-based classroom. Together, let’s level up our understanding of the educational potential within the gaming world!
Disabilities Studies and Art Education: Reframing Student and Teacher Engagement
[October 2, 2024 | 7pm ET] Research in disability studies can help art educators reframe ways of engaging with disability issues. Learn about the use of disability arts to engage learners in critical visual literacy and imagery production focused on topics of disability. Discover critical approaches to language and decentering normalcy to create inclusive learning spaces for all.
A Path to Quality, Accessible, and Economical Higher Education for Fine Arts Students
[November 20, 2024 | 7pm ET] Community colleges offer options for many art students including affordable tuition, ability to stay close to home, alternative schedules, and more. Join us and explore a groundbreaking initiative established between the North Carolina Community College System and public 4-year institutions within the state. Articulation agreements have been designed to streamline transfer for fine arts students, providing opportunities for quality, accessible, and economical higher education for fine arts–interested students. We’ll also delve into the stellar example of the Association of Fine Arts program offerings at Cape Fear Community College and the development of their degrees in terms of transferability and the practical application of skills.
Fashion Design: Cost-Effective Student Creations in the Art Classroom
[December 4, 2024 | 7pm ET] Explore fashion design for all ages in the art room! Find out how to make fashionable lessons that are affordable and accessible by reusing and recycling everyday materials. See the steps of the fashion design creative process and come away with curricular examples for cost-effective projects, artists for reference, and design inspiration.
Building Community Through Murals
[January 8, 2025 | 7pm ET] Join a discussion with leaders from community-based mural organizations from around the country and discover how the art of mural making can transform public spaces and individual lives.
Leading the Conversation: How to Build Effective Relationships With Administrators
[February 12, 2025 | 7pm ET] Advance your visual arts program by developing strong relationships with your school administrators. Hear from two school principals on ways to best approach and collaborate with your administrator (as well as parents, colleagues, and stakeholders) to foster connectivity, overcome challenges, and improve communication to support your visual arts program and celebrate the depth and breadth of learning through visual arts education.
K–12 Summative Assessment for Student and Teacher Success
[March 5, 2025 | 7pm ET] Placing assessment in the student’s control by having them assess themselves and each other is empowering! Learn from educators about their strategies for student-centered classroom formative and summative assessments in elementary, middle-level, and secondary settings. Discover ways for students of all ages to self-assess using guided worksheets or simplified rubrics. Explore ways assessment works in choice-based classrooms and how to use rubrics to plan backward to help clearly unpack lessons for student success. We’ll also discuss ways to differentiate between on-level rubrics and advanced or AP rubrics for secondary students, as well as appropriate accommodations for all students in the classroom.
The Benefits of Fan Art in the Classroom
[April 9, 2025 | 7pm ET] Fan art—unofficial drawings and other renderings of famous characters—is often the bane of the middle and high school art educators’ existence. Join us as we explore the potential benefits of fan art to adolescent development, self-identity, social sharing, and artistic skill development. Presenter Marjorie Cohee Manifold shares, “A study reveals how young people from nineteen countries have begun to manipulate media conveyed narratives of popular culture in ways that may be construed as culture creation. Through intense engagements as fans of commercially produced images and stories, adolescents and young adults may craft fanart illustrations as images of self. As they learn art making within the global fandom, or Internet-connected community of like-interested fans and fanartists, these young people enact relationships to the subject and process of fanart making, fellow fanartists and the fan community that are not unlike those of the medieval European craftsman to his craft, guild workshop, and community.”