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Upcoming Live Webinars

Addressing Teacher Recruitment and Retention
[June 5, 2024 | 7pm ET] NAEA is committed to supporting our current and future visual arts, design, and media arts educators. Pandemic burnout, early retirements, rise in school violence, lack of clear career pathways, and ongoing pedagogical cultural wars—among other challenges—make the recruitment and retention of art teachers increasingly more difficult. To better understand and address the obstacles that current and future art educators face, as well as the growing issue of educator staffing shortages, the NAEA Board of Directors has formed a national “Art Education Teacher Recruitment and Retention Task Force.” The Task Force is tasked with investigating the obstacles and opportunities to entering and serving the field of visual arts, design, and media arts education, and engage with the membership, peer organizations, and external experts to gather data and draft a report of findings and recommendations for short, mid, and long-term action to be presented to the Board. Join us as members of the NAEA Art Education Teacher Recruitment and Retention Task Force share their findings and recommendations for the association and the field.
Connecting Creativity and Conservation: An Overview of Eco-Art Education
[July 10, 2024 | 7pm ET] Empower your learners to become innovative stewards of our shared planet through art! Empty bottles, worn toys, and plastic shopping bags often end up as landfill overflow polluting the environment. Inspired by the works of art collectives like the Washed Ashore Project upcycling marine debris into impactful sculptures, this webinar explores the intersection of creativity and conservation through eco-art education for K-12 learners. Join us to discover practical approaches for building students’ artistic talents while cultivating their ecological awareness and developing their social consciousness toward environmental sustainability.
Fiber Arts for All
[August 7, 2024 | 7pm ET] Join us for an exciting webinar that weaves traditional craftsmanship with contemporary creativity in fiber arts. We’ll explore innovative approaches for introducing new fiber arts projects to elementary, middle, and high school learners that are focused on accessible materials, diverse contemporary and traditional craft artists, and literacy. Come away with lesson inspiration; a better understanding of how you can explore fiber arts in your classroom; and information on where to find materials, recommended equipment, and tools, as well as overcoming budget constraints for fiber arts, storage options, and so much more!
Radical and Transformative Collaboration (and Fun!) Through Social Impact Video Game Design
[September 11, 2024 | 7pm ET] Unlock the power of video games as catalysts for social justice and transformative education! Join us for this thought-provoking webinar and explore the intersection of gaming, social justice, and education. Learn how video games can be harnessed to inspire critical thinking, empathy, and positive social change. Dig into what makes games intriguing and engaging for learners and see through an educator’s lens how we can use these key ideas for success in an arts-based classroom. Together, let’s level up our understanding of the educational potential within the gaming world!
Disabilities Studies and Art Education: Reframing Student and Teacher Engagement
[October 2, 2024 | 7pm ET] Research in disability studies can help art educators reframe ways of engaging with disability issues. Learn about the use of disability arts to engage learners in critical visual literacy and imagery production focused on topics of disability. Discover critical approaches to language and decentering normalcy to create inclusive learning spaces for all.