Unpacking Inquiry to Support Learners


Unpacking Inquiry to Support Learners
Wednesday, April 5, 2023 
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What is inquiry? How do we encourage inquiry in our art rooms? Are inquiry and creativity connected? What does inquiry-based learning look like in the studio? Why is authentic inquiry important? Join us for answers to these and other questions as we discuss the research on, importance of, and relationship between inquiry and art education. The art education landscape is shifting to better support the emergent needs of contemporary learners. Pedagogies that embrace culturally responsive teaching, social–emotional learning (SEL), and trauma-informed teaching find commonality in student-centered, choice-based learning models. In these models, learners develop strategies for creating and using lines of inquiry to hypothesize, investigate, and solve problems. We will look at scaffolding inquiry to foster intrinsic motivation, feeding our students exploratory experiences which empower them to pursue their own independent line of inquiry, and supporting inquiry in various classroom situations. The presenters will share both research-based applications and real-world experience in preK–12 educational settings.

Michelle Ridlen

NBCT; Art Educator/Fine Arts Content Leader

Michelle Ridlen is a National Board–certified artist educator who has worked with students of all ages for more than 20 years. She currently works in the Francis Howell School District, St. Charles, Missouri, as a full-time high school art teacher focusing on ceramics and sculpture, as well as serving as the fine arts lead teacher, where she works with district K–12 teachers in music, art, and theater writing curriculum and providing professional development. Michelle has presented at numerous local and national conferences about curriculum including using inquiry-based learning. She is also a proud graduate of the 2017 NAEA School for Art Leaders.

Jennifer Ferrari

MEd, Art Educator, Lt. Job Lane Elementary School, Bedford, Massachusetts

Jennifer Ferrari is currently an elementary visual arts teacher in Massachusetts. Prior experience includes a variety of preK–12 teaching roles in both the public and private sectors across the northeastern United States. She serves on the Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) board of directors and as a regional leader for TAB Northeast. Notable publications and presentations include “Thinking Like an Artist” in School Arts magazine and “Empowering Student Leaders in the Choice-Based Art Room” at the 2022 NAEA National Convention in New York City.

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