NAEA Need to Know Webcast: Materials and Spaces in Early Art Education

NAEA Need to Know Webcast: Materials and Spaces in Early Art Education
May 26, 2022
Cost: FREE

Presenters: Marta Cabral, Shana Cinquemani, Jeffrey M. Cornwall, Lillian L. Lewis, Kristine Sunday, Marissa McClure Sweeny


This is an opportunity for educators interested in early childhood or early elementary art education to come together and discuss specific aspects that are crucial to classroom practices: space and materials. Four panelists will respond to a set of preset questions, followed by a group discussion and Q and A. Join us to discuss how art materials and the curation/design of studio space play a role in our own teaching and research with young children and art teachers. If you’re curious to learn more, come engage in conversations with our panelists/interest group members! This webinar is open to all NAEA members regardless of interest group affiliation.

Please note that participation in this webcast does not include NAEA professional development credit. 

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