NAEA Need to Know Webcast: Exploring Research as Embodied Practice

NAEA Need to Know Webcast: Exploring Research as Embodied Practice
December 1, 2022
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Presenters: Darden Bradshaw, Jennifer Bise Fox, Borim Song


At NAEA, we embrace the truth that to be an art teacher is to be a researcher. All education is research—and, indeed, all forms of teaching, assessment, and reflection are integral parts of that research. The presenters of this webinar, who are three members of the Professional Learning through Research Working Group, will share examples of preservice, early service, and higher education art educators who use research as an embodied practice inherent to their roles as artists and educators. To strengthen art education as a field, we strive to enlarge who is perceived as “researcher” and how “research” takes place, while simultaneously building stronger bridges between K–12 art classrooms and higher education. In this webinar, the presenters will situate the relationship of research within a conceptual framework that is centered on artmaking and teaching as an embedded practice of research as opposed to an additional task or role one must adopt. They will also share various hands-on exemplar projects that effectively integrate research and teaching practices. This research-based approach can lead teacher–researchers to revisit their educator identities and reconstruct their teaching philosophies in order to deepen their practice and find renewed passion and joy as art educators.

Please note that participation in this webcast does not include NAEA professional development credit. 

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