2018 NAEA National Convention Recordings


2018 NAEA National Convention Recordings
Instant access to awesome sessions—FREE to NAEA members! Access videos of more than a dozen 2018 NAEA National Convention keynote sessions—Nick Cave, Golan Levin, Nettrice Gaskins, Barbara Earl Thomas, and more! Watch these informative, inspiring video sessions and earn professional development credit.

Featured Sessions:

Nick Cave
Persistent Commitment

Explore artist Nick Cave's teaching tales, illustrations of civil and human rights commitments, and persistent creative explorations around the world.
Andre Thomas
Learning and Games: Do Games Have a Place in Today’s Classrooms?
Andre Thomas, CEO, Triseum, inspires students and faculty through immersive, engaging, and fun learning experiences.
Nettrice Gaskins
Techno-Vernacular Creativity and Innovation
Educator and STEAM advocate Nettrice Gaskins highlights the rich traditions that engage students in STEAM concepts using culturally situated arts-based learning strategies.
Preston Singletary
Glass as a Transformational Medium
Artist Preston Singletary discusses his work in glass, which includes collaborations with Indigenous people from around the world. 
Division Awards
View the division awards ceremony for Elementary, Middle Level, Secondary, Higher Education, Preservice, Supervision/Administration, and Museum Education.
Kim Defibaugh
Advocacy to ARTivism: The Time is Now to Step Up from Advocate to ARTivist!
Join NAEA President Kim Defibaugh as she leads the charge for everyone to be an artivist. Also, see the presentation of the NAEA National Awards. 
John Grade
Creating and Experiencing Immersive Sculpture Based on a Participatory Approach
Artist John Grade creates large-scale, site-specific immersive sculptural installations. Impermanence and chance are often central to his work, along with kinetics and relationships between the natural world and architecture
Rebecca Kamen
STEAM: Awakening Scientific Discovery Through Art and Design
Examine the significance of pattern as a way of “knowing” in both art and science with glass artist Rebecca Kamen. 
Curriculum Slam! 
Cultivating Creative and Critical Youth Voices Through Art, Media, and Design
Join educators from across the continent to share curricula in a fast, functional, and fun format. Curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s Teacher Advisory Committee.
Golan Levin
STEAM: A State of the Union

Artist and educator Golan Levin offers a critical assessment of STEM-to-STEAM education, a review of emergent best practices and notable successes, and a survey of opportunities ahead. 
Barbara Earl Thomas 
We Imagine What We Can’t See; We Dream Because We Can
Artist Barbara Earl Thomas discusses the creative process and how her large-scale, hand-cut installations have come to function as a community-building experience.
Kristen Ramirez
Artist Citizen, Citizen Artist

A studio and public artist who also manages public art projects for the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture, Kristen Ramirez has worked as an educator, an artist, and an arts administrator.
Shin Yu Pai
In Equal Measure: Poetry & The Arts

Seattle poet and visual artist Shin Yu Pai shares writing strategies that inspire and highlight the ways in which poetry can circulate, whether as embroidered broadside, public art, or animated video projection. 
Breaking the Silence: Speaking Out for Human Rights in NAEA
Join members of NAEA's LGBTQ+ IG and Committee on Multiethnic Concerns as they discuss community violence, teaching, and organizational action through this lecture and open forum discussion.
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